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Panama Corporations

Full corporate package including professional directors, setup expenses and the option to open a bank account. Learn more

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Panama Foundations

Full foundation package including professional Council, setup expenses and the option to open a bank account. Learn more

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Banking & Asset Protection Kit

Multi layer asset protection with optional bank or brokerage account. Learn more

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Offshore Bank Account

Bank and brokerage account opening service in the jurisdiction of your choice.
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Our Service

Pan Investments offers a range of services chosen to enhance clients' financial security, privacy and asset protection. We are the one-stop shop for anyone looking to diversify their assets and manage the growth of their wealth.

How do we support you?

The team at Pan Investments understands the needs of each individual client and provides the most appropriate and efficient solution.

We have helped budding entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and family businesses in many different countries to establish asset protection structures and preserve their wealth.

Our multilingual team is very happy to arrange a free consultation for you to discuss your needs, whether it involves asset protection, company incorporation, offshore banking or even physical gold storage.

Company Formation Services

We are experts at company formation and offer incorporation in the most popular jurisdictions. Our team is able to assess your specific circumstances and recommend a jurisdiction depending on your needs.

Asset Protection Services

We offer complete asset protection services from simple trusts and foundations to complex multi-jurisdictional structures for clients who would like an extra layer of privacy for their wealth.

Bank Account Opening Services

Our team can help you set up bank accounts in any of the major offshore jurisdictions. We also offer brokerage accounts and prepaid debit cards.

Other Services

These are just some of the services that we offer. We also provide other services such as insurance in addition to helping clients with applications for residency and visas.

For further details about any of our services or any special requirements such as multi-jurisdictional structures or residency, please feel free to get in touch by filling in our contact form or via phone, email or fax.

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