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Panama Corporations

Full corporate package including professional directors, setup expenses and the option to open a bank account. Learn more

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Panama Foundations

Full foundation package including professional Council, setup expenses and the option to open a bank account. Learn more

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Banking & Asset Protection Kit

Multi layer asset protection with optional bank or brokerage account. Learn more

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Offshore Bank Account

Bank and brokerage account opening service in the jurisdiction of your choice.
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The Cost of Going Offshore

Many people worry about the cost of going offshore before implementing a financial plan. Pan Investments has a wide range of affordable options for clients looking to diversify their assets and secure their financial future.

Starting as low as $500 for an offshore brokerage account, our services and packages offer great value for money. Moreover, the cost savings and peace of mind you get guarantee that the fees you pay are a solid investment.

Our fees for complete asset protection packages are competitive and our team makes sure your money stretches as far as possible. We are a passionate team of multilingual professionals looking for ways to save our clients both time and money. Our expert knowledge of the offshore industry and relationships with banks help create a smooth process from start to finish.

This means that by the time we complete our work, you would already have saved yourself unnecessary headaches. Our service is an investment you will thank yourself for in the future.

The current global economic climate is such that having a Plan B of spreading some of your assets across different jurisdictions is not just advisable but necessary. Those who fail to prepare are preparing to fail.

While some people look at the financial cost involved in safeguarding their financial future, the wise few recognize that the biggest risk they can take is that of doing nothing.

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