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Panama Corporations

Full corporate package including professional directors, setup expenses and the option to open a bank account. Learn more

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Panama Foundations

Full foundation package including professional Council, setup expenses and the option to open a bank account. Learn more

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Banking & Asset Protection Kit

Multi layer asset protection with optional bank or brokerage account. Learn more

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Offshore Bank Account

Bank and brokerage account opening service in the jurisdiction of your choice.
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About Us

Pan Investments provides a wide range of corporate and banking services. Our multilingual team can help you improve your financial wellbeing.

We provide incorporation and banking services in a range of jurisdictions including Panama, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Belize, Switzerland, the Seychelles, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We also offer other services such as our popular asset protection packages, prepaid credit cards, brokerage and physical gold purchase and storage.

Why Us

Our team works to add value to the lives of our clients. We have great relationships with our clients and enjoy a great amount of trust from them.

Our multilingual team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals and lawyers from varied backgrounds.

How We Work

Our team focuses on efficiency and reducing bureaucracy. We make sure that you receive the service and value you deserve while investing your time and money as effectively as possible.

Our focus on customer service means that we are always looking for ways to enhance our offering and are driven by the chance to learn about clients' goals and achieve them.

Our expert knowledge helps clients avoid unnecessary complications and can save thousands of dollars and weeks of time by making the right decisions and working efficiently.

Great! Where do I start?

You can get in touch by filling in our contact form or through email, phone or fax. Schedule a free consultation now to find out how we can help you achieve your personal and financial goals.

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