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The Panama Offshore Company

As the second most popular jurisdiction for incorporation in the world, Panama offers one of the best environments in the world for your assets.

Many other jurisdictions have bowed down to recent legislation to share tax information. Panama is one of the few that has stood strong in the face of these developments.

Below are some of the features of offshore companies registered in Panama.

No reporting requirements or Income Tax

Companies in Panama are not imposed with any reporting requirements or tax on foreign income. This is because Panama has a territorial tax system which only taxes income produced from business activities conducted within the country.

No capital requirements

Panamanian companies do not require paid-in capital and there is no deadline for the payment of authorized capital.

No Bookkeeping Requirements

A Panamanian company is not required to keep any accounting records.

No Business License Requirement

Non-resident Panamanian companies do not need a commercial business license to operate internationally.

Bearer Shares

Panamanian companies can have either registered or bearer shares. Bearer shares allow anonymous ownership of a company as no record is kept at the Public Registry of the owner of the shares. Bearer shares can only be redeemed on production of the physical certificate or coupon.


Panamanian companies need three directors or officers (President, Treasurer and Secretary). The directors or officers can be either natural or juridical persons. They can be of any nationality or residents of any country. The names of the directors are presented in the Public Registry when the corporation is formed. We offer the use of our nominee directors to clients (at no extra charge) which provides added privacy.

No Director or Shareholder Meetings

Panamanian companies do not need to hold annual general meetings of either shareholders or directors of the corporation.

Cost and Franchise taxes

Our fees for incorporating a Panamanian company are $1000 + $300 franchise tax. The annual renewal fees for the company are also $1000 + $300 franchise tax.

To start the process of registering your Panamanian offshore company, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you. You can also get in touch via phone, email or fax.

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