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Panama Corporations

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Panama Foundations

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Banking & Asset Protection Kit

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Offshore Bank Account

Bank and brokerage account opening service in the jurisdiction of your choice.
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Company Information & FAQ


Who is Pan Investments?

Pan Investments is a fiduciary and legal services firm specializing in offshore structures and bank accounts. We have a multilingual team comprised of experienced lawyers.

Some of our services include the establishment of corporations, foundations, trusts, offshore bank accounts and merchant accounts. We also offer a large number of other related services.

Why should I choose Pan Investments?

Our multilingual team has years of experience of helping clients achieve their financial aims.

We focus on delivering a higher quality service for a competitive price. We do this by streamlining the process of establishing structures and minimizing turnaround time.

Can you provide client testimonials?

Because of the nature of our industry, we do not provide client testimonials. Doing so would result in eroding of the privacy that we aim to provide in the first place.


How much does it cost to go offshore?

The financial cost of going offshore depends on the needs of the specific client. All of our services are competitively priced and we aim to deliver a higher quality service than other providers.

We have products starting from as low as $500.

What is an offshore corporation?

A Corporation is a legal entity that acts as a separate person and has limited liability. A corporation can conduct business, have bank accounts, own property, sell shares, etc. The Corporation can do anything a person could do, but does it acting as a separate, independent legal personality.

The word "offshore" simply means to show that the company or other structure is in a different jurisdiction from that of the beneficial owner.

What is the best offshore jurisdiction?

There is no one jurisdiction that works for every single client that we get. Each client has specific circumstances which we use to determine the most beneficial jurisdictions and services.

How do I use my offshore corporation?

You can use an offshore corporation to conduct business, issue shares, engage in working contracts, hire employees, purchase or rent real estate, and hold bank and investment accounts. You can basically do anything a person can do, but operating behind the legal representation of the corporation.

Is there anything illegal about going offshore?

No. Many people believe the term "offshore" has a negative connotation. The true use of offshore bank accounts is to provide access to safer environments for depositing and investing your assets while possibly reducing taxes.

What is a shelf corporation?

A shelf corporation is exactly the same as a normal corporation, except for the fact that it has already been created so that clients that need to conduct immediate business do not need to wait for the incorporation of a new corporation. Shelf corporations are perfect for immediate use.

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